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Renew your personalized Dixper collection with visual effects

Picture of By dixper

By dixper

Does this effect look familiar? It’s from our Game-Engine collection! Rain effect! One way to motivate viewers is to change up the available image effect. It occurs to us that you could apply several of these to your collection. The ones you like the most and are in line with your theme or streaming game. Or for example, create a surprise! Each week you can vary the effect and let them discover what the effect is. Use whichever idea you need for your content.

Creating the Image Effect action

In your collection, create a new skill, if you are not yet clear about this step we invite you to visit this Blog entry to see how to create one from scratch. Once you are in the Skill creator, click on the pencil to edit it, and add the Image Effect action:
  • Add Action > Dixper Camera > Image Effect.
Now synchronize a game with Dixper, to synchronize it we recommend this blog, and launch all the effects you want to try.   If you pay attention you will be able to modify the skill duration and even the delay. Our recommendation is that you never exceed 30 seconds since a Dixper Rewind clip has a maximum duration of 30 seconds by default. However, do not hesitate to adjust it to your type of community and with the options you see necessary to enjoy the application to the fullest.

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