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How to boost your bit donations on Twitch.

Picture of By davidixper

By davidixper

Grow your community & increase your income.

If you are a streamer and you would like to increase your bit donations on Twitch, this is your post. 

Bits are the perfect way for your audience to show their support to your content. They can tip you directly a given amount of bits (this is called cheering), or they can use them to interact with you through an extension

This last method is the preferred one for the majority of streamers because they get closer with their communities and make them grow exponentially. Viewers also prefer this, because they can be part of the content creation process.

Bit donations with Mini Dixper

Mini Dixper is a Twitch Extension which enhaces your bit donations while you and your community have fun using Dixper interactions. Your viewers will be able to launch Dixper skills without leaving Twitch. It was created to show a sneak peek of how Dixper works. Here’s how to install and use it.

Twitch extension install guide

  • Open Dixper Studio.
  • Go to Widgets tab in the sidebar.
  • Go to Mini Dixper install link.
  • Once you are in Twitch, click in install button.
  • Once installed, you don’t need any additional configuration. Just go to “My Extensions” to activate it on your channel. You must set it on one of the panels.
  • Once activated, it will be available in the “About” tab. Your viewers will be able to launch skills from 3 different collections.
  • You must have Dixper Studio installed and start a LIVE session to be able to receive any skill.
  • Now your viewers will have the perfect excuse to donate bits to your channel, sending jumpscares, memes and funny noises. Timing is key!

Dixper experience

Now that your audience has tried what Mini Dixper has to offer, it’s time to give them the full Dixper experience, so you can benefit from all the advantages. If you want to know how to get your community to use Dixper, here’s an article that you may be interested in: How to motivate your viewers to use Dixper?

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