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23 Ideas to Spice Up Your Twitch Stream

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By dixper

Out of ideas for your Twitch Stream? Here you have a guide with everything you need to organize your own content and take a leap in quality. From choosing the theme of your channel to some suggestions about how to engage more with your audience.

You only have to keep reading.

Don’t Know What to Stream yet?

Having ideas about what to stream on Twitch is important. If you change your theme with frequency, your channel will not grow as much as you desire. So, it seems that to be successful, you should first, choose your niche and then stick to it. Here you have some tips to help you make a decision.

  • Watch what’s popular on the Twitch directory
  • Stick to one game if fast growth is what you want. However, once you want to move on from it, you might lose a relevant part of your audience.
  • Decide what you want your channel to be about and keep going.
  • Choose something you like and enjoy doing since from now on, you might end up doing that for a long time.
  • Maybe choose one genre, so you’re focused on a target audience, but you’ve got the flexibility to change if a new game drops.
  • What are your goals? Having fun? Meeting new people that share the same interests as you? Make a living while doing something you like? Or maybe you want to teach people how to draw, play or talk about your favorite books. Choose one goal and let it guide you through your decisions.

What is the Best Thing to Stream on Twitch

Okay, but let’s be honest. One of the most decisive facts is to know whether the game or activity we are going to stream is popular or, at least, if it’s going to be seen by anyone. As many of us would, you’ve probably started on Twitch because you wanted to see some revenue. And that revenue won’t come if the theme of your stream is not interesting enough. Some of the games we recommend you on trying:

  • Fortnite

Fortnite might be one of the most popular games streamed on Twitch. With an average of 98.9K viewers, it seems to have just the right amount of importance to let you grow a community.

  • Call of Duty: Warzone

In the same line as Fornite, Warzone has rightfully earned its position among the most streamed games, with an average of 54k viewers.

  • World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has an average of 27.7k viewers, which is good for starters and to gain visibility. The main reasons why it might be becoming so well-known are its price and its wonderful lore.

  • Valorant

One of the most popular games on Twitch at the moment. It has an average of 137K viewers, and it has come here to stay. However, it might be more difficult to make your channel stand out since there are already lots of other streamers playing it.

  • Minecraft

Minecraft has an amount of 38K viewers on average. It is great if you like flexibility and freedom, in case you prefer to play a bit more your own way. It has thousands of possibilities, so each day’s streaming could be different.

  • Apex

Here you’ll find viewers for sure. With 92K views, Apex is fun, entertaining and very exciting. If you are ready to master your shooting skills, this one is for you.

  • Animal Crossing

Not eveything should be about thrilling shooting games. The ‘cozy games’ community is also growing in Twtich and if you became obsessed with this game in 2020, maybe this is your chance to show that beautiful city of yours to the rest of the world. It also allows for creating events, inviting subscribers, or any other activities that will increase your channel’s engagement. With a 3K average of viewers, it looks like the perfect place for those who like to take it easy and enjoy the journey.

  • Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the biggest cozy games and its increasing popularity is making it the perfect options for those who seek fast growth and a lovely community of followers. If you liked Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley also looks like a promising idea for your stream in Twitch.

  • Albion Online

With an average of 3.372 viewers, it is great if you prefer to stay calm and appreciate beautiful graphics. It is comforting, easy, and nice. You will be able to play while you talk with your chat and engage with them.

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Not Everything is About Games

However, we should not forget other categories like Just Chatting. This one, in particular, is getting more and more popular among streamers. Sure, your viewers might not grow as much as if playing one of the previous games, however, it will help you build a stronger community. Also, if you find it difficult to engage with your chat while playing, this way you get to practice without the pressure of it affecting your gameplay.

It is a great way to get to know your followers, also letting them get to know you. Creating a connection is key. Remember that there are thousands of people playing the same game as you. How are you going to stand out? Why should they choose you? Reinforcing your relationship with your audience will make a difference.

23 Fun Ideas to Try at Your Stream

  1. Stream randomly (out of your schedule):We have insisted a couple of times on having a fixed streaming schedule and being consistent. However, a good idea to try in your Twitch stream is to plan a session at a different time as usual. Maybe in the night, or very early in the morning. You can even do it during lunch and casually hang out with all your followers.
  2. Cooking sessions! What’s your favorite meal? Is there anything secret recipe that you’d like to share with the world?
  3. Talk about upcoming games/movies/TV shows: Or about the ones that are about to come.
  4. Choose a controversial topic and prepare a special Just Chatting. But hey, be careful. You should know your audience by now, and be ready for very different opinions to appear. Maybe you could set some rules beforehand, so everyone is respectful and there aren’t any problems.
  5. Play with someone from the chat. This should be fun! Gather your own team of gamers with people from your chat. If you do crafts or play music, have other people do the same as you and share it live.
  6. Use Dixper Terror 2022 Collection. Play some scary games like Resident Evil. Encourage people to launch their Skills. Organize a contest to see who gets to create the most frightening clip.
  7. Watch a subcriber’s VOD or piece of art and comment on it live. If you are expert on certain matters, it could be great if you could give some piece of advice to some of your subscribers.
  8. Why don’t you invite someone over and interview them? Do you know someone interesting who could spice up your chat a little? Another great idea for your stream on Twitch is to invite someone over and make a short and fun interview. It can be anyone: your former teacher, a colleague from work, a friend of yours… Think about ways to make it look appealing and go ahead.
  9. IRL streaming. Do something different and go out of your usual set of streams. Take your viewers to a café, a walk in the park, or maybe through your daily chores.
  10. Do a craft. It does not have to be especially complicated. A gift for Mom’s day, bookmarks, a mug with clay… you can even let your audience decide.
  11. Cosplay your fav characters: Make an event and get your whole chat into cosplaying someone they like. Use Discord or Twitter to have them send them to you so you can also boost your channel through social media.
  12. Record your reaction. Is there any new content in your niche? Show your reaction to it live.
  13. ‘Ask anything you want’ time: Which celebrity/cartoon do you look like? If you were an animal, which could it be? If you were to be alone in nature, what would you bring? Ask your audience and let them ask you anything they want in return
  14. Choose a caption: Show them a funny meme or picture and ask your chat to find the perfect caption for it.
  15. Paint one famous picture in your own style (be careful with copyright): DTIYS are great for artist, but it is also a good idea for anyone. Just think about how fun it would be to make your own version of the Mona Lisa…
  16. If you are into role-play games… There’s a Dixper Collection for role-playing that you can use to make your viewers participate more in the story. This is great to make them feel part of the stream and increase their engagement.
  17. Tier List: Here is up to you, there are lots of ideas for doing tier list. Games, drinks, art materials, bands, singers from the 80s… Decide what will suit your channel’s theme best and go for it.
  18. Subathon: Set a countdown on your stream for a specific amount of time. Every time someone subscribes or donates, you add more time to the timer.
  19. Change an important setting of the game you play. Let’s see what might happen.
  20. Learn how to do something live. Is there something you have on your bucket list you haven’t learned yet? This is your chance to ask your viewers to join you.
  21. Go to a restaurant you haven’t tried yet. And get a bite of their best dishes live. You can also ask your chat for recommendations or vote for your next meal.
  22. Make a challenge: Let your audience set a difficult task and ask them for a reward, like gifted subscriptions, in case you overcome it. Dixper could also be an excellent tool for this.
  23. Your viewers decide everything you do:  Play any game and let your audience make the decisions for you. If you make art or music streams, they are the ones who get to determine each step you take.

So, this is all for today! Remember that if you want to try something different while you’re also increasing your income, Dixper could be perfect for you. We have just given you some subtle hints of what you could do with it, but the possibilities are endless.

Would you dare to try it?

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